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Wágner's New Single "Castaway" Sets Sail:
A Voyage into Resilience and Self-Discovery

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – January 10, 2024wgnrSOUNDS unveils “Castaway,” the riveting new single from Wágner’s eagerly awaited album, ‘It’s Only Just Begun.’ Fans can experience this sonic journey with the single’s release on January 12, 2024, available on most streaming and download platforms.

Seamlessly continuing the emotional odyssey from his 2023 hit “Guiding Me To The Edge,” “Castaway” explores themes of disconnection and resilience. Wágner, renowned for his evocative vocals and storytelling, collaborates with Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and producer Mauricio Mirapalheta to create a song that powerfully mirrors the human experience.

“Wágner’s blend of soul-stirring lyrics and Mirapalheta’s rich musical landscapes makes ‘Castaway’ not just a song, but a journey through the waves of life’s challenges and triumphs,” says Sara Palmer, wgnrSOUNDS Label Manager.
‘Castaway’ is not only a track but a narrative of finding strength amidst life’s tumult. The single is a testament to Wágner’s growth as an artist, harmoniously blending with Mirapalheta’s diverse musical genius. The album ‘It’s Only Just Begun’ promises a compilation of such impactful and authentic compositions.

Fans can follow Wágner’s musical journey and stay updated on his latest releases via his official social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, and YouTube. They may also support Wágner by joining his Patreon at


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